Is the wr the right bike for me?

I was thinking about finally purchasing another new or used bike. How reliable are the wr 400/426/450. Would a used one be worth looking into or no? Anyone thats owned one had any major problems with it? I've had my 89 cr 125 for a while now and its still in amazing shape. I want a bike with big power, thats not too heavy that I can still play on the moto cross track with. I figured it would come down to a ktm 250exc or the big wr. I'd kind of rather have a fourstroke for trail riding. That way I can pull right up the the pump. My 125 is super twitchy in sand. How does the wr handle it. I do most of my riding in northern michigan where its mostly sand whoops. Mio, atlanta ect.. So if its stable enough in the sand so I don't have to work my butt off, that would be great.

If not I'll just stick with the atv's lol

If you spend time reading the different topics in this forum, you will find the infos you need. That's what I did, and the big blue (426 wr 2002)was the answer :)

Happy reading :D :D

A WR will do 10,000 k's easily unopened, providing it is well maintained, I wouldn't buy a used bike though, no tellin where its been.

Warrior, I also am Northern Michigan, ride the Kalkaska trail mostly. Previous bikes RM125 and CR250. Die hard 2 stroker. Bought used 2000 WR400 the past year and love it. Gas and go. I like to tinker with them to pass the time buts thats my hobby. The more I ride it the more I like it, would never go back to a 2 stroke. I can get 90 miles to a tank and don't need to carry any tools, the smooth power delivery is great. As allways buying used is a guess but you will be impressed with the low maintenance of the WR.

What are the trails like in kalkaska? I'll have to check out some maps and see where that is. I like to ride at bull gap. Ever do any riding in the up? I've only been to trout lake snomobiling. If so is it worth the trip? Whats this six days of michigan? How tough is it and what are the requirements? They have a two left over yz 426's and a wr at stevens in baycity, I might go and price them next week. Might have to get rid of a toy just to have some room, and so I don't get yelled at. I ruled out the wr/yz 250f because of my size and wieght 5'10 200lb. How much trouble is it to uncork the wr to get it to run like the yz? I was gonna post a pic of me and the cr climbing bull gap, no attatchments allowed in tt?

The WR can be made to run like the YZ. Try a search on "free mods" Air box, grey wire, YZ timing, jetting and the YZ seat/tank combo. If you purchase a used bike, the previous owner may have done some of these already, (try to get some info from him.)

All the info is here on T.T. let us know how it turns out! Also, just a reminder, when you use the search remember to use the "go back" feature (one week, six months whatever). :)

Warrior, The Kalkaska trail is four wheeler width. lots of whoops, bermed turns, some good hills and mostly in the woods. Sand and hard pack. Think its approx. 90 miles for the entire loop and its easy to break up into 25 mile segments and has two gas-food stops. Lots of heavy woods so it retains the moisture well. My only dislike with it is some blind areas so a head on is a concern. Thats where I like really loud bikes, I can hear them coming. As for the six days of Michigan, I have not done it, know others who have and like it. Look on the WR250 side of TT and there is a long story by WROOSTER about the six days, its a good read. Think its on about the 5th page right now. As for requirements you need a street legal setup, 94db max. and to be a member of Cycle Conservation Club of Mich.. This is a good org.. I joined to support the organization that supports trail riders, and hopefully this year I can do some of their rides. I ride with my son and we allways return to the Kalkaska trail, its our favorite but this year we want to check out some others. We like the 40 inch wide technical stuff, any suggestions? Good luck on the bike search, you will like the 4 stroke.

Bull gap in mio sounds alot like kalkaska,I think you'd like it more if your comfertable with sand. It spans 100 miles. Your street legal in mio and mckinly but not south branch. They have a lot of big hill climbs, some motorcycle only trials, and alot of mixed traffic trails. The best trail I've been on yet is from bull gap hill to mckinly. St. helens trail system is much more fun on a bike then an atv, there are a lot of whoops, tight woods, and finally some hard pack trails but no real challenging hill climbs. Should I wait for the 450, since it has the magic e button? How much of a pain is a 426 for starting? Its gonna be hard for me to sneak home the big thumper, I just can't sell my 125. I've had it forever, to many memories. I'd check out both but if you like to ride try bull gap, Try to avoid saturday and sunday on summer weekends, and yes there are some head on spots that worry me too, I run a big gun race on my warrior and yeah shes loud, run dg pipes on my banshee kinda loud, and fmf on the cr.

Warrior, just picked up a new WR426 today, 2000 WR400 is available if interested.

Sounds like you guys should hook up. I'd hazard a guess after a couple of rides on the big bore four stroke, the CR would be parked forever. The broad powerband of the four stroke along with the high redline makes for a lot less hassle, and is a lot more comfortable than the quads. I sold my Raptor to get the WR and have not regretted it.

As far as twitching in the sand, tire selection is important and even with the correct tire you're not as "hooked up" like you are on dirt. I switched to a Dunlop D773 front for the some trips to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and left it on for trips to Mio and Geels, and was very happy with the way it worked. The stock D739, for MI anyway, is worthless IMO.

I'll get back to you on that 400. I'd be happy to go riding with anyone at bull gap. The more the better. Thanks for the tire tip. Right now I have a k490 on the front. If you don't mind riding with a guy on a quad for now anyways. Have something in the works, let me know what you want and what kind of shape it's in. Maybe I'll consider a 400 then. Still looking at left over 426's.

Warrior, would sell the 400 for 3,500. The condition is near perfect. Tore it down this winter, re shimmed valves lubed everything. The fenders, tank and seat are new from an 01 426 (got a deal here on TT) Nearly new Dunlop 756's.

New graphics etc.. Street legal title. Vortip baffle in stock pipe, has extra YZF pipe. Runs great.

My WR426 is 5 weeks old. Once I figured out what the engine wants under specific conditions, starting is a piece of cake. 90% of time, cold start is 1st kick. After warm, much the same. However, the learning curve was a bitch. Naaah!! Not really. The manual is rather specific about starting proceedure and what to do under what condition. I hurt myself a couple times trying to start it because I first believed that I had to kick the Sh-t out of it. Not so. Find the bottom of the compression stroke, release 1" or less of kick starter travel. Release decomp valve, return starter to top, and easy follow through kick will do the job. All with closed throttle. What could be easier. Well, obviously the e start. But starting the 426 is not bad.

Good Luck & Happy Trails We know you'll do the right thing !!

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