taffys help neaded yes jets again


can you tell me yamaha part nos for55 sj and 40 pj i have done bk mod and fitted 165 mj allong with 175 paj tried to get other jets in ipswich today no joy but ithink they wanted to sell me a new XT 600E they just dont understand my neads thank you happy new year


I'm not Taffy (thank God) but here are the Yamaha PNs if that is any help:

40 pilot for '98 - '99


40 pilot for '00 - '02


55 choke jet:


Hope this helps.


many thanks i will try shoping again tomorow


Hick, you are a star, great resourse, hope you don't buy the "Pumpkin". The 450 is made for you.

hi hick

i'm in houston right now and enjoying the hospitality. i've met lots of "nice boy's!!!" if you know what i mean!

i'm teaching everyone to swear properly and just generally making a pain of myself with some old friends.

i've done nothing for anglo/american relations i'm afraid but i might start another war if i don't fck 'orf by friday!!

great to talk to you and HNY etc etc.

talk to you when i'm back.


Thanks Taffy and TrailRider for the comments.

Sadly, I am no longer in the market for a new bike, the money I had set aside for that unfortunately had to be used for the family ranch. So I am "stuck" with my 426 for now (which is in many parts currently). I might have another little pile of money together by the spring or summer.

Oh well.

Taffy, who acted as translator while you were in Texas? Getting by in a foreign language can be difficult. :)

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