02 426 Siezed??

Hey everyone, im new into 4 strokes, just bought my first one about a month ago because i liked the power, and having what i thought would be less mantinence, but i had my 02 426 at the dunes this past weekend and i think siezed it up. i was just cruising along in about 3rd or 4th gear, and it locked up, didn't make any weird noises or anything, just locked up, and now it will not kick over at all...does that sound like its siezed or could it possibly be anything different?? I was very dissappointed in it, the thing ran great up until then.....but another thing is i had checked the oil about ten min before it locked up and it was filled perfect on the line, but when i checked it after there was almost none in it, but there was nothing leaking that i could see dripping... any thoughts??



ok, checking the oil way after it last ran will show low (you're supposed to start the bike - run it for 2 minutes, stop it, wait 1 minute and check the dipstick).

Does your gearbox work fine through all gears?

Have you tried putting it into 2nd and pushing it backwards in gear to see if you can free it up - sometimes, one of the the big end roller bearings will jam on a flat spot when they're on their way out - if that is the case you'll still be looking at a rebuild.

Could also be your timing chain went or jumped a tooth or two, or the cam gear spun and you're hitting the valves now....

Lots of scenarios, start at the beginning

did u overheat the bike? run it low on coolant

well, i put a ratchet on the crank bolt, and it spins fine, so it isn't seized, but my next thing will be to check the cam chain...what should i look for, except if its broke, is there a way to tell if it jumped timing or something?



check the timing marks and make sure they all line up when the crank is on tdc. does it turn over a little and then just stop? u probably bent some valves

well, the motor is apart and it ended up being a seized crank...the lower end is goin to a local shop to get split and re built....i'll be back in the dirt in no time...thanks for the responses


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