proof camelbak sucks

posted June 13, 2002 03:51 PM


here is your proof

ORCA, the trade association representing the human-powered recreation

business community, recently announced it will launch Businesses for Wilderness

(B4W). Businesses for Wilderness was initiated in collaboration with the Pew

Charitable Trusts and is being supported with a $1 million grant from the

Philadelphia-based philanthropy.

The coalition will be the first project of the newly formed Outdoor

Recreation Foundation. The initiative has three specific goals: "to protect

currently unprotected roadless areas on federal lands, shift the management and

budgetary focus of federal public lands toward protecting natural resources, and

to educate the public and policy makers on the benefits of outdoor recreation."

The Pew Charitable Trusts has long been regarded as one of the nation's

leading advocates for locking out motorized recreation on public lands. Pew's

support of the B4W will not only enable ORCA to expand its role in closing

publicly owned areas, but also, enable ORCA to execute regional and local

campaigns. This grant reaffirms the agenda of Pew's anti-access agenda and takes

the deceptive campaign to a new level.

Sally McCoy, chairperson of the ORCA Board and president of Sierra Designs,

Bill Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society and Sky George, vice president

of marketing for CamelBak and a member of the ORCA board have all publicly

supported B4W.

i cant believe thumpertalk moderaters have not deleted the links to camelbak in this topic.jrschner.are you affiliated with camelbak in any way?why who you repeadtly put a link to their url on every forum?

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im sure i'll be next to receive email from camelbak public relation department.trying to justify their lies and mistruth with more lies.this company is our worst enemy they will shake your hand when you face them,then stick it your @*s when you turn around and walk away


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Dude...Don't Sugar Coat it...Tell Us How You Really Feel.....

Easy there big boy....Don't blow a gasket over a bunch of morons....Like I always say "Take Action with your wallet and just don't support their products." Thats the best way to bring their advances to a halt.

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze,i just go nuts when a rider explains to others riders that camelbak give funds to sierra club who agenda is to close all public lands to motorcycles. and the response other riders give is "do you have proof?im going to keep on buying camelbaks unless you have proof" the proof will be when there is a locked gate and sign [no motorcycle allowed]

those of u with camelbaks should cut the labels off or paint over the labels ,,,,cross out the camel part and relabel them ''bak stabers''

then when they wear out, or u replace them.

post them to back camelbak, along with a copy of the receipt for your new competitor drinks system

I hear you. I definately appreciate the information. Realistically I cannot say that I will destroy a couple of hundred dollars worth of Camelback Hydration systems because of their political position, that would only mean that I threw my money away. It does mean that I will no longer purchase anything else from them, and will look for a different vendor when the time comes to replace what I already have.

To keep things in perspective, just remember some folks just have fewer working brain cells than others......

Bonzai :)

Ya, I missed the shot of a dirt biker in the latest CamelCrack commercial! LOL, they had every form of human powered recreation though. Bung 'tators!

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