Dr D

Does anybody have a dr d pipe and muffler? How loud are they? More power?

I wanted to know the same thing, I asked but no one ever replied.

Almost every question i post comes back with no answer. Id like to know before i put out 400.00

If you check around the YZ section, you can buy a used exhaust for a third of the price of the drd, and probably just as good.

I have never had as many problems with any bike I owned like this one. Ive had it for about 1 1/2 months. I put a dr d hot start that leeked water into the carb because there was no boot on the cable. End result 900.00 for new carb(broken housing trying to remove the aftermarket hot start) Starting problems sometimes other times starts one kick(most times). Everything is expensive for this thing. It dont run with Vortip in it, remove the vortip to loud to ride.

Im ready to go back to a two smoke. I almost traded it in today after riding. Just venting...I do like it when everything works right...just doesent happen ofter enough.

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