Front Brake Issues - 2002 YZ426F

2 questions for you all. 2002 YZ426F.

1) My front brake is not lining up correctly in the caliper. I took the front wheel off, put it back together the way I thought was correct but now the rotor rubs the inside of the caliper wall closest to the center. I have taken it all back apart, put it back together and again it won't line up correctly. Anyone had a similar issue and how to fix. I even went as far as to put a washer inbetween the fork and caliper to push the entire unit over to no avail.

2) Front brake feels very soft when pulling lever. I have to pull the lever in half way from rest to the grip and then it will finally lock up the front brake. Feels very squishy(lack of a better term). Thought about changing fluids but have not done so yet. Also, could my above issue or the master cylinder be the root cause?

Appreciate all your help!


Sounds as if the caliper bracket is bent out of square with the rotor.


It's touching the inside on both the top and bottom of the out of square wouldn't it more than likely touch either the top or bottom but not both? Maybe a better way to describe is that based on how it's lining up, it needs to move closer to the center line of the bike by 2-3mm and would line up correctly.



did you flip the spacers for the front wheel? it sounds like you might have gotten the two spacers backward of where they should be......may be, just a thought.

was it fine when you took it off and it just now is not lining up?

That is a very real possibility, I was not aware the spacers were different and side specific. I will yank them off this evening and switch them to see if it fixes anything.

Thanks for the tip.


The spacers don't look the same, L/R, at least not on the later ('02 and up) models. The bell shaped one goes brake side.

You might also have the wrong spacers, if the wheel came from an earlier bike. The spacers interchange '97-'01, and then from '02-'07, they're the same.

Guys, just wanted to let you know that by switching the spacers to the correct side, the brake is now centered correctly in the caliper. I was not aware that they were different and switched them by accident. Problem fixed!

Now, has anyone dealt with a front brake that feels squishy? Will changing the fluid help? What about the master cylinder, does it go bad? Any ideas on things I could try?



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