It's Here!!!

yes, I seen that.

The YZ 450 is now a 4 speed :)

All our bikes are now obsolete :)

Its bs that they say the 03' had reduced weight but do not list say that it is "NA".

Whatabout the electric start!!Did everybody miss this feature.Yes, a 450 Electric Start!!!

Its bs that they say the 03' has reduced weight but all they can list is "NA".

I'm going to go with the YZ. 221 lbs. and no wussy e-start. The wr still got shafted with a bigger bulkier tank and the yz got the titanium header. The WR is now a full on woods bike or old lazy peoples bike with the e-start. Where's the friggin cupholder.

They don't list the weight because it didn't change any. It's still a pig. The battery alone took up all the weight they shaved off the thing in the first place. If they make the es an option then I might consider.

But damn, it's still a bad ass machine. No matter which one I get I'll have a 2000 WR400 up for sale in the fall!!

Blue Forever!!!

hey bones. I am sure you have the wr already and that your statement is because you are drunk off your ass. Cause my 400 seems to hit like a ton of hondas hitting the ground from 30 stories up. But now it has the 450cc and the e start. So i am sure you will have way more hit, more grunt and be able to lug it up a climb in third easier. I am so excited. I just wont ever be able to get on . That is ok. I have rich friends who will buy them then i can try it out. But the 4 speed tranny in the yz blows me away. Do you guys think that there are abounch of japaneese engineers doing the thinking or some hillbilly redneck with an IQ of 300 pulling the strings. I have always wondered that.

No not drunk, just skinny. I weigh 150 lbs. so throwing a bike weighing 100+ lbs more than me is not fun all day. It's not the power, it has more than enough most of the time, it's the weight. and the hot start. and the oil in the frame. and the unused 4th and 5th gears. and the big ass gas tank I just replaced which I'll have to go again if I go to 2003 wr status.

And the 4 speed, check out the ratios, the 4th gear should pull just fine.

The dilemma begins, e-start is nice and so is a wide ration 5 speed tranny. but then I assume the the yz already has the timing I want, but a 4 speed tranny, makes me think I will not have the top end for the desert races. An aluminum kick stand is progressive thinking, but what did the scale break when they went to weight it. Thats weak. Is 221 a lie, for the YZ?

What to do, I was planning on getting the YZ the outfitting it for cross country, but a 4 speed, makes me nervous, I need to hit 100-120 mph in those wide open sections. I just dont know if I will be able to go fast enough

I just got my new 02 WR426 in February and reading about the new WR450 just makes me kick myself. I would have ridden the KX500 one more summer had I known. A little hind sight would have helped! My twin brother rides a DR400Z and just laughs at me as he pushes the e-button while I go through the kick start routine. Don't get me wrong; the WR starts on the first kick just about every time but....that electric start is going to be a welcome benefit. The added weight? I'm willing to bet the 03 is still around the same weight as the 02. I'm calling my Yami shop in the morning to put my down payment on the 450.

Originally posted by Team Oatmeal Pie:

I need to hit 100-120 mph in those wide open sections. I just dont know if I will be able to go fast enough

No way Pie. Unfortunately you, and I, will need the five speed, either by buying the WR and gutting it, or getting the YZ and splitting the cases...

OK I have to come clean! I have been watching TT for customer feedback and ideas to ensure our worldwide market is happy with the products from Yamaha Motor.

In the late days of development we were searching for extra weight saving.

So we changed the oil filter element from metal to paper. This was just enough to avoid tipping the scales that extra gram.


same **** bars again then boys eh!



Oops, just realized I was in the WR forum and not the YZF forum...heh.. Sorry. :)

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The WR did at least keep the kick start back up, so perhaps you "hard core" guys could remove the battery & starter with a kit that will no doubt follow. Kind of funny though, for once I have a bike that doesn't need e-start...then the factory decides to add one. I do like the looks of the seat/tank junction. I see the same "boat anchor" exhaust though and the 3 lb. kickstand assembly.

The four speed tranny in the YZ is whack. Those KTM SX's are almost unsellable with a 4 speed tranny. 10 lbs. ligher....well if it holds true as most factory dry weight BS it's probably more like 6 lbs. But, it all helps. Just a little disappointed I guess. No doubt it will continue to roast the CRF, so it's all good.

My favorite line from the features: "Recalibrated front fork settings" = we adjusted the clickers.

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It figures, I buy a new WR426 in Feb and they change it by June. I would like the e-start once in a while. I'll stick with my 426 for a while until all the bugs get worked out of the 450.


Well I for one want to see what the aftermarket boys do about a bigger fuel tank, flywheel weight and all of the assorted stuff we need to dual sport the new WR. I think my old 99 wr 400 is a pretty darn good bike but the 450 sounds real nice. I also want to know if there will be some way to lower the seat hight for us short legged old farts. I raised the forks till they hit underside if the bars and took all of the pre-load out of the rear spring. I guess time will tell what all needs to be done to personalize these for our individaul riding styles..


Sold! as long as I can make it street legal in NJ.


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