It's Here!!!


Yours is the smartest comment yet. The best thing at this point is to wait and see what kind of bugs are going to surface before running out to get the checkbook. I am still very satisfied with my bike. My only concern with the newest features is the Automatic Compression Release...MXTuner and I were discussing it this morning. How are you going to clear your 450 when it floods? I guess your going to have to go back to the old two stroke ways and turn the fuel off, crack the throttle all the way open and just burn the starter up waiting for it to clear....Then kick it...No Thanks. But the automatic release is the only way to make the starter a reality. With as many ingenius folks as we have here and on the YZ forum I'm sure that many fixes and work arounds will be fourthcoming.

This will be interesting reading...

Bonzai :)

Does anyone have a '03 seat/tank combo they aren't using and would like to sell, cheap :) .......

...oh, and will it fit an '01??........

Dodger :D:D

So whens it gonna be on showroom floors?


Dodger :):D

I think I read that they'll be available December '02.

Originally posted by zaknavage:

What happened to the grab hole in the side plates?

Looks like its still there. Now its squared off.

What happened to the grab hole in the side plates? That is a great feature for lifting the bike out of the freaking mud hole :)

The real question is does it meet CA emissions and get a green sticker?

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