Which Pipe will meet sound + performance?

For 2003 I will need to meet 99db for cross country races in Oregon, plus I want to be able to tune/change the pipe for the MX track. I want to know who is using a pipe that take cores and can add/delete discs to tune for sound and power or something similiar. Like is WB E series a good bet you can add discs and a quiet core, which amount to a good amount of flexibility, although I heard they had welds cracking, FMF claims a quiet core for the Power Core 4. Any info much appreciated.

Also any one tried wraping the SA in the stock pipe with steel wool and then FMF pipe packing to bring the level down?

I had some packing (FMF) and wrapped the SA in it. Started it in the garage and it was very quite but didn't try riding with it. If you get this done and measure I would be curious to hear your results. It really quited it down for me.


I would just get a Q insert for the Powercore if 99 is all you have to meet. The switch back to the original core is easy that way. I think the Q insert should get you down to 99, it just will never be as quiet as a full Q series muffler.

Here in Ca, we have a strict limit now, so the full Q series is about all that will work.


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