what is the octopus?

I have heard some people on this page refer to de-octopusing their wr's.

I have a 01wr426 and have yet to find an octopus living on or about my bike.

Is there a free &%$#@! I haven't discovered yet?

Kinda like a free beach towel in my laundry detergent?

I insist that I be informed...

SFO Pre 00 bikes have an undisired amount of vacume and vent hoses on the carb. A good portion that could be done without! But no where in there have I found any Golden Lined &%$#@!,YET?


Call me ig-nant, but what the heck (spelled with an F) did you just say? I thought I could figure most slang out after being stationed in a shipyard (Electric Boat Submarine Shipyard, Groton, CT) and the U.S. Navy for 6 years, 30 days, 6 hours, 27 minutes and 15 seconds.

That "&%$#@!" thing has me scratching my balls in utter confusion! :)

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Hey guy....what did you do at EB? I did alot of work for them and NAVSEA 56XN back in the good old days before peace broke out.

I built Launcher Systems and TG sets for the Boomers, and Propulsion Systems for the later attack boats (688 Mod 25 and Seawolf). Spent a bunch of time in Groton in the late 80's through the mid 90's.

Hang in there my friend.....

I was on the 734 boat. Got to Rotten in 1986. The Navy changed from the C-4 to D-5 missle system. While still in new construction, they retro-fitted our missle tubes. We did not leave the yards until January of 1989.

After being at sea, us Nubs realized how life REALLY was great at EB!

I was aboard her when we launched the first missle. I was also aboard when we did the "Hit-No Missle" launch. That footage made Saturday Night Live. It is surprising how much the boat buckles after launching a Trident. We actually thought the boat would break in half!

And yes, I was a Nuke! Nuke school really rotted. There were a couple days I was actually in school for 18 hrs/day.

I believe you were all called F****** Nukes but I rarely used that term! :) I thought the "Hit-No Missile" was the first launch, but you would know better than I. I know that it caused a major stink with SSPO and all the contractors. MAJOR design team work to fix the problem. Probably should leave it at that!

I kinda miss those days - peace is hell! Now I have to build Terrabit Routers rather than Megaton Launchers - it's a strange world :D

The proper verbage WAS F-ing Nukes. Up forward, those guys were F-ing Coners.

Kevin....at the risk of making this the Ohio Class forum - I got to be one of the folks to head up the design and production teams that supplied the C4 Launchers and the D5 System that replaced them. Don't remember the Tennessee, but you guys would have been homeported out of Kings Bay, and I stayed mostly on the West Coast. You must have been an Engineering Officer (Congrats!! - that is a tough line of training! But you got to meet Adm Rickover, lucky guy)

The Tennnessee was always planned to have the D5 Missile - but being the first boat to be outfitted with a new design system, her construction phase would have been "extended" a bit. Were you on the crew that first launched a D5? That would have been an exciting launch :) - reminds me of the first C4 launch.......

Hang in there Kevin! Power Gen is going to be back in the spotlight soon. Maybe people (treehuggers) will realize that it is better to build powerplants than sit in the dark and be cold!

NH Kevin I never intended to bring a couple of squids together with a mis s s spelling. Dam thing is I did four years in Norfolk Naval Shipyard on the SouthCarolina CGN-37 during a F-cking Nuc. overhaul.

Tige - Did they let you out for good (only four years) behavior? You realize.....your just another "Skimmer"! :) In the SSN world it becomes really simple - everything boils down to "Submariners" & "Targets".

Too bad our last "Commander & Cheat" (last one I hope) retired all those ships....sad!

I was on a 22' patrol boat in Desert Storm.

Bow gunner, 50.cal...

What about my free &%$#@!?

Can I still be part of the conversation?


I'm going to interrupt your Kodak moment here and comment on the "Octocarb" issue. No offense to anyone though...

The WR has what the factory refers to as an "anti-backfire" valve, and I'm assuming most of the extra hoses are related to it.

Honestly, I have not heard of anyone taking the Octo off, nor have I heard of any benefits/drawbacks. I am hoping for more postings to clear this issue.

By the way, my dad was a Navy man. Invasion of Normandy, and much time aboard the USS Alchiba (spelling?) as an engine room guy. I will never forget the fact that he always called pancakes and sausage "collision mats and dog turds". Apparently a Navy breakfast left something to be desired... Godspeed to all those who have taken their final voyage home, my dad included.

Michael as far as skimming goes try being an EM (elec.mate)for four years and spending 98.99% of your time doing fieldday/cleaning. Two months after I got out was the first time the Socar went to sea. Not once did I go out of the ship yard in anything other than what I drove/rode in. As far as the &%$#@! goes, that was just a little extra for SFO. FYI the USN can make the smartest men into great janitors.

Machael, please explain SSN surfacing techniques to me? Not sure about comming up under fishing boats? I thought we beat the Japanese in WW2?

Hate to break the news but I was only technically in the navy.

See in time of war the USCG becomes part of the navy. The probably least atractive part of my service.

Glad to have solved the octopus dillema...

I'll stop searching for it, I guess...

Can anyone tell me how changing the cam timing to yz specs will change the power on my 01wr426?


Thanks for the link to the De-octopus info for the 98-99 carbs. I am going to perform this change solely because of the reduced possibility of vacuum leaks - a dust busting advantage any way you look at it.


I have found a new source of cheap (but damn it, still not 100% free) &%$#@! for all those interested.

It is called a "furry glove" and can be found in the car wash accessories section of your local auto parts store. Avoid the generic "washing mitt" model made of plain cotton mop string, as the sensation may not be as realistic.

Last minute tip for you do-it-yourselfers: find an old shop towel, coat liberally with grip glue or 3M spray cement, then rub the dog, cat, hamster, (whatever) for several minutes. Caution, just like a cell phone, do not use the furry glove while driving.

"Ain't no lovin like a good furry glovin".



Phoenix, Arizona - home of the Arizona Trail Riders and the Desert Mountain Enduro Series. Visit ATR at <A HREF="http://www.arizonatrailriders.org" TARGET=_blank>.


'99</A> WR400, YZ timing, no airbox lid, throttle stop trimmed, FMF oversized headpipe, Power Core IV-SA exhaust, Race Tech suspension, IMS YZ desert tank/seat combo, FMF 909 bars and grips, *Aluminum Bark Busters with big plastic UFO hand guards, *Moose skidplate, *Scotts rear disc guard, *Acerbis front disc guard (all *items a must in AZ!), Water-Wetter in radiator water, Scotts steering damper is next...

Sick - :) Funny but sick!

SFO - Glad to here the Octopus is dead (I thought is was the walrus???).

As far as the 01wr timing and is there an improvement going to YZ specs.....that is a great unanswered question! Parry (?) changed his over and said there was no improvement. Someone else said they had confirmed that there was no longer any difference. Tafy recently reported that a knowlegable friend of his (after riding an 01) reported that the timing was retarded compared to the YZ. I don't know where that leaves us......I'm going to hold on, for now, until we understand the facts.

Tige - don't know what that SSN CO was thinking......his windshield must have fogged up :) so he couldn't see that poor fishing boat. Seriously - that is an accident that is somewhat common with subs - surfacing into a surface vessel (and very sad in this case). This investigation should be interesting. The sub was supposed to verify that the area was clear of surface vessels before they performed the test.

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