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My 2002 Carburetor Fuel inlet. Yes the flexable Brass inlet started leaking.

I took it apart and found that I need new O-rings on the inlet There are three (3).

Yamaha does not list them separate and has no listing for them (sorry your out of luck was the answer I got):busted:

Me not wanting to take this sitting down calls Honda and they want me to by a $20 rebuild kit which they did not have in stock. I may do this and keep the other FCR gaskets around for future midnight projects.:worthy:

I need to get new o-rings . Now Please do not tell me to run down to the Auto Parts store. I already have at least 400 o-rings in stock the problem is that most of my o-rings are about .070" thick and the grooves in the inlet fitting are .050"

Where can I get these little devils? Have you guys had this same problem? If so what did you do?:thumbsup:

Page 32 of catalog.

Item #85 O-Ring, Fuel L-Joint Part#018-755

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