Smoking battery?

I just charged (overcharged?) my battery, and it's back in the bike. With the key turned on, the lights all work normal, but when I try to start it, the battery starts smoking and giving a funky smell from the positive terminal. I dropped the battery taking it out, and think I may have cracked the case, but can't be sure. Even if it is cracked, where would that smoke be coming from? Where would it go if the case wasn't cracked? Also, the motor doesn't crank over but more than a couple of revolutions, real real slow before the solenoid just starts clicking and the smokeshow starts. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I was told along time ago that all electrical stuff runs on smoke, and if you let the smoke out they wont work :D think about it have you ever had something electrical smoke and still work :) sorry about the battery but as you can tell i don't know much about elec. stuff, good luck :D

you probably knocked a couple of plates loose inside it...

it will make a nice paper weight :)

later, rock could drive the negative electrode into overcharge to produce hydrogen gas, then capture the gas in a large trash bag and....:) OK...that's leading up to a very bad idea and y'all should know batteries are very dangerous and can cause serious injury or loss of life if misused :D

If you're battey has been dropped, its time to get a new one. Shop around cause prices will vary quite a bit.

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