Thinking of 2003 wr450?

Hello 1st post in yami forum, thinking of a 2003 450 for 2500 maybe 2200. Don't know if he has replaced the woodruff key yet. read the faq, seems like a good bike. I primarally want it for a Glamis bike and some tight single track(keep the good ole drz for that). seems like good condition, what are some other things I should look for? Is that a fair price? Thanks in advance

nevermind picked up an 04 almost brand new, he bought in 05 for 3000 will post pics later has yosh tri oval slip on and is jetted for mammoth and i live in diego the search and mods will begin

here is the new to me bike IMG_0740.jpgIMG_0742.jpg[/img]

that one looks mint, good luck

hasn't even hit the dirt yet . look still has annoying warning stickers . and dr.d pipe . nice one .

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