another metal pieces in oil thread

I looked through the other posts but am still not sure since none had pics of this/my issue (that I could find). I have changed the oil twice on a brand new 08 yz450 ridden three times now for about a total of 4 hours or so. I have a mag drain plug and its picked up metal shavings/bits each time. I know some metal is expected to shed from what I read. But it seems many are saying it will be the clutch plates but if they are aluminum then they should not stick to the mag (are 08 clutch plates aluminum or steel?) Do the pieces in the pic look normal for a new motor/tranny? Is this just normal wearing in of the transmission and should decrease with time or is this something else?



yeah sure. I found the same debri in my new 08 back in April and posted some scary photos here. Been told its ok for a new bike. Mine is 50 hours now and doing ok (knock knock).

ok, thanks, I missed your post. I also have an 06 but I didn't have a mag. plug in it when it was new so I don't remember this kind of material and its harder to see when its in the oil. So when I saw this I was a little concerned. I guess ignorance is bliss in some cases. :thumbsup:

i get a little bit of shavings each time i do an oil change and my 07 has 60 hours on that normal?

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