2000 WR 400 restrictors

Other than the WR cam timing, throttle stop, exhaust baffle and airbox lid, what other restrictors are there on a 2000 WR? I looked for the throttle stop and can't find it. I'm not sure if it was removed or if a YZ model was put in it's place. I've heard something about a gray wire but I'm not sure what they are talking about.

Run a check for old posts on the throttle stop, I have a YK2 model too and had to remove the plastic cover on the side of the carb, to get a better look for the stop, it should be a black bolt with an allen head end. run the old posts check to get the length to cut it to. This is a must do, with out doing this mod the wr is weaker than an xr250. The bike is supposed to be run with out it.

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