Just installed FMF Q Series


Just switched from FMF Powercore 4 SA to FMF Q Series so I will be legal here in Ca. What a difference! I haven't ridden it off-road yet, just took a hot lap around the tract (not really, just a very slow one). But the difference in noise level is astounding!

So far, I also notice a significant difference in very low-end response. Seems snappier. Don't know about top-end, but if it's the only thing legal, doesn't matter at this point. Still much better than stock.

Recommendation is 10-20 hrs between repacks. I suspect this is one reason for conflicting test results. Some of us may not be repacking regularly. My PC-4SA was never repacked and it was getting really loud. I will likely repack every two or three rides or so just to be safe.

Anyway, it's scary. I can actually hear all the sounds coming out of the engine now!


Thanks for the FMF Q update. After work today I stuffed the SA w/ ss wool and it is just a loud as w/out. A buddy of mine at work was telling me about the FMF series and they are available at a local dealer. I'll check it out.

Thanks Again

I would be intrested in what it tests at

I'll keep you guys posted when and if I am tested by the official method. I may also be able to get some testing at a D-37 Enduro soon. If so, I'll let you know.


My FMF Q W/PowerBomb combo failed at 98 db at a local poker run. FMF added a V shaped insert into the output spiggot.

PM me your email address and I'll send a photo of it. Now Its at 94-95 db



Do me (and yourself) a favor and keep an eye on the four small screws that fasten the can to the end of the collector. IMO this is a weak area in the design, since the rear hanger isn't welded to the can it can pivot about that axis and put strain on the four screws I'm talking about.

In my case they worked loose, enlarged their holes, and the whole thing came apart. This happened in a race, otherwise I probably would have been able to salvage the thing and fix it, but as it was I got DQed at the next check and the sweep riders could not find the can.

I thought my bike ran great with the Q, in my case it seemed to richen the pilot and idle circuits. It revved out like the stocker, but that midrange hit was softened a little bit.

Hope this helps.

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