yz400 hp rating

Does anyone happen to know the Horse power rating for a 99 yz400f. Ive got one and im just curious what the stock rating for the bike is. I was thinking somewheres around mid 50's but im not sure

im not sure but i know the 450s are mid 50`s, so if i was a betting man id bet an ol 400 is pumping out low 40`s

An '06 YZ450 produces just at 50 RWHP (stock). An '08 puts out at 52, an '03 around 47, a good 426 does around 46, and a 400 is at about 44, according to the best charts I can remember.

I second Grayracer's numbers. That's in the area of a 250 smoker, but where the 400 dominates is TORQUE! That's why the 250 smudge pots were out-gunned by the 400's.

Grey is right on the numbers I dyno'd a stock 04 at 46hp and I had a 03 at the time with a few mods at 50.

Hey Gray, if the new CRF is claimed at 56.4 horsepower, how much do you think

it would put out at the rear wheel?

Was just searching around for some other stuff, and came across an old Motorcycle.com article saying 43hp

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