Cheap radiatior

I just hit a running tree with my 06 450 and took out the left side radiator. I was hopping someone new of a cheap replacement radiatior. So far I haven't found anything undere $275. Also will a radiator off an 05 yz450 fit? Thanks for your input.:thumbsup:

How bad is it? Get it fixed, you would be suprised what a good rad shop can do to a mangled radiator...

Go to the Myler's Radiator web site, and take a look at the Our Work link. Repair costs around $60-80, and the turn around time is so short you won't believe it.

on ebay there is a companythat builts intercoolers for cars selling both radiators for 270 or something.they look thicker and everything. think a improvement in cooling also

You cant beat Mylers. They are the best!

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