Hard Starting

Ok, so within the past 2 months I have been having problems starting my bike. It takes probably 20 - 50 kicks to get it started. The only thing I've done so far is change the pilot jet from the one given to me in the GYTR de-tuning kit (50 i think it is) to the stock one, which is 45. The reason I did this was because with the 50 in the bike wouldn't idle with the choke on (it would sputter and die). I've adjusted the fuel screw on numerous occasions and still no cure. It bump starts no problem, even when its cold. Also when the bike warms up and I use the hot start it may take 2-3 kicks instead of 1. What I'm asking is, do you think I should check the valves? I haven't tore into it yet since I just got back from hunting but the first thing I was going to do was swap the pilot jets to see if starting got any easier. Any ideas?


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