splitting cases on 03 yz450f (How Hard)?

Need to split cases due to a cracked case on 03 yz450f and was wondering what tools are needed, or any special tools that are needed? I have the new cases to put on any suggestions.

The only special tool you can't get along without very well, and shouldn't try to is a flywheel puller. Follow the manual, keep your eyes open, keep your parts organized, and you'll be OK.

I did mine about 3 months ago. It was my first time. I had a friend whose done a few, help....it was less complicated than I thougth it was going to be.


What parts were worn and needed replaced?? Right now my 05 YZ450F clunks when you put it in first gear. Did you replace the crank assy.?? Also,

did you notice a big difference once everything was reassembled??



easy, just make sure to reseal wth silicone when you put it back together

Take your time and youll get it.

Take crap loads of pictures as you go and keep everything in plastic bags with sharpie marking on the outside of what the parts are...

I wish I tried to do mine last year rather than having Insurance pay for it. I could of used the extra $ to mod the bike up.

where are you at in CA? I just did mine and it was super easy.

Has anyone found a solution to all these 03s cracking the case behind the kickstart ? This is my first yz450f I love them I also have an 05 yfz450 quad iv never opened one of these engines up and if I can get away with fixing the case without doing so pls let me know how it's done . What have others done when this has happened?I've read about the lot of these having the same problem but haven't found a solution. This is the first forum I've joined and really like how u help eachother .

Why did you post your question in a thread concerned with a different topic instead of a new topic pertaining to your issue?


The problem with the '03 was the kick starter assembly, which has been upgraded in the parts system.  The replacements are all the newer upgraded pieces.  The cases need to be welded and machined, and the starter assembly replaced.

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