Anyone Ever Repair Their Radiator???

Any of you guys know if there is a way to fix a pin hole in a radiator? I know I could send it out but I figured i'd check here to see if anyone has devised their own way to fix one.

with a high frequency tig welder . on copper rads i just solder them .

I have tried, just send to Mylers, good work and very fast, as long as you do not botch a repair attempt it should be pretty cheap, check there website or search their name very good shop

i got a buddy who used barrs stop leak and the crap worked

Pour some black pepper in it. Probably about a teaspoon or two...

It works on tractors and bulldozers. It may work on your bike. It is cheap, but I know for a fact it has worked for years in a few of our farm tractors. Still running them.

Or in a pinch on the trail you can mash up the tobacco from a cigarette into the radiator and it'll seal it right up.

JB Weld.

i used pepper in my old bike never had another leak after that

I used a product called Muggy-Weld on a cracked bottom rad tank a few years a go and it is still holding. I don't think you can beat Mylers though. :thumbsup: WR Dave

Satisfied Mylers customer here:prof:

Interesting I have never heard of the pepper trick. That may be worth adding some to the ole camelback.

I remember McGyver used a raw egg to patch up a radiator. Now granted this isn't a long term solution or a practical solution for that matter. How hard would it be to pack a raw egg and not break it during our ride?

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