My WR died today

Update (long story short).

The Good: Engine is back in business. The timing we did last time was off, the tensioner messed up. Replaced necessary parts and put it all back together and it's good to go. The Auto-decompression works as I imagined it would. Mucho pleased.

The Bad: Still no spark. Checked coil, stator, all wiring and everything is good. Manual says to replace little black box (CDI?) up by the radiator on the right side.


Looks like I'll be borrowing an 08 YZ to race this weekend unless by some miracle one of the dealers has that part in stock and it actually is the problem.

Sure - it has to be the most expensive of the parts! Did you replace the timing chain?

Crap that part's expensive?! I'm bout to call the dealer about it. :thumbsup:

and yeah we swapped it out with new chain.

Ouch. $300 is the cheapest I've found. =/

I going to find someone with a similar bike and see if I can swap there's out and be sure that will fix the problem before I plop that money down on something non-refundable like that.

btw Matt, I wanted to say thanks for the detailed instructions and help. That's the most help I've seen on TT and I really appreciate it and it helped us a ton. Thanks!

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