Red Loctite on my rotor bolts...HELP!

I am trying to install the magnet bolt for my Trailtech computer, but my rotor bolts all have red Loctite on them. I tried an impact wrench with no do I get these bolts out???


Try a little bit of heat, it should melt the loctite.

Looks like the red needs over 300 degrees F to start melting. I used it on my flywheel weight and hope to never take it off.

good luck with your project.


You can use heat and that will help. I was a technician(cars) for 15 years and I hated running in to that stuff. Used it myself of course, But anyway, take a hammer and punch carefully tap in the center from outside toward inside one or two pretty good taps. A dead blow hammer does best but any hammer will do. I didn't catch if it is threded to drum or if it has nuts on back side. If it has nuts: Take a frisbie this usually fits perfectly over most rotors and keeps the concrete or debris from gouging or scratching it(Good to use when changing tires too.) place the wheel with the frisbie and rotor down use a socket (an old one) be sure that it too small for nut and big enough so not to touch the stud. Tap using an extension on the nut. If you tap the stud from the nut side it may swell, so I wouldn't suggest that. Work the nut and bolt back and forth with proper wrenches until its free. I typically go back with blue on the rotor bolts. Be sure to clean very good. I use wd40 and brake cleaner. Hope this helps.

I agree, heat will work for sure. This is what we do at work all the time. If you don't have a heat-gun you can use your wifes/girlfriends blow dryer (don't tell her you heard it from me). Heat the crap out of it and it'll come out easily.


A handheld soldiering iron works pretty well. These rotor bolts are awful the first time.

I had an old Suzuki DR 350 that never had the rotor off. Ten years later I had to drill small holes down the center of the bolt to finally break them loose.

G.D. Suzuki wanted 5.25 each for the bolts!!!

Thanks guys. Bought a propane hand torch at Home Depot and it worked like a champ!!!!

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