Electric YZ450F

You guys ever heard of an electric start kit for a YZ450F? My buddy is looking for one.

There is none. If you want to spend about $1500 on parts, you could do it to an '06. Earlier models need $500 worth of crankcase added to that.

Damn, maybe I should've done that instead of the Hinson clutch, fresh rubber, ZipTy carb mod, and scott's oil filter...


Once your bike is dialed in they're pretty damn easy to start, and that's coming from a 37yr old recently recovered from reconstructive spine surgery...Basically if your physically unable to kick these bikes over comfortably, you should probably be riding something a little more "safe"...Hate to sound so harsh but it's true...

I admit it'd be nice to have it, along with headlight/taillight set-up (but not at the cost of a noticable decrease in performance)...

I think I'm just going to save up for a used crfx250 for those "lazy days" and night rides (and as buddy/backup bike)...Prob get like a 2004 for around $2000 (pay a little more than the mods would cost and get a whole nother bike!)

What do you guys think?

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