New to me Yz400... catching up on maintenance?

Ok, I picked up a "new to me" yz400.

ON the bright side, it has never been raced. It was basically what I call a "yard bike".

But on the down side, I am certain some maintenace was skipped. I know the oil was changed fairly regular, but that is about it.

So far I have put new tires on it (it still had the stock 739s on it :thumbsup:) cleaned the air filter, changed the oil, checked wheel bearings, lubed axles, and checked spokes.

Plan on checking valves soon, as well as lubing/checking steering bearings. Also plan to replace brake pads, and brake fluid.

Anything else you all can think of that is maybe known to be an issue that might need checking. Things like CCT maybe?

service the suspension

Good idea.... Nothing leaking, but deff probably could use at the very least the forks hosed out. I can do that, but cant really do the shock, and not sure I want to spend the $$$ to have it done, as it will be just a woods bike (ex hairscrambler here, but havn't been in the woods since 2001)

On the lines of suspension though, since it has not been raced or jumped really, I wonder should I "worry" about shock linkages and swingarm bearings???

Often neglected areas to grease are the swingarm & shock pivot linkage and the steering head bearings.

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