Need Some Help!

Ok, this is a model specific question so please don't move this thread. I'm a 250/450 B rider that is a pretty good mechanic and my suspenion is set up with proper sag and a reasonable set up, the suspenion is stock but well maintained. I ride a 07 yz250f and 07 yz450f, I'm having more of a problem with the 450. Last season I had no problem at all and the bike handled like is was on rails. This year when I turn into a turn and start to lean the bike the front tire is breaking loose, I ride on intermediate to hard pack dirt, I hav used bridgestone intr. and hard pack, and maxxis intermediate and hard pack tire with a wide variety of tire psi settings... in other words I have been testing! What I don't get is nothing has changed from last season except I have been changing tires and psi settings to try to find some grip. I'm open to any suggestions. I reviewed video footage of my rideing and my form and body position looks good and is the same it was last year. I had a couple thoughts of fork oil hieght may be to high or taking out a little sag to put more wieght on the front wheel, but it is the same as last year. Sorry for the long post, and advice is greatly appreciated!!

Also what front tire are you guys using?



Check for pressure build up in the fork legs? The front end skids its to stiff.

I have been bleeding the air before each moto.

Check The Rear Nitro Level Or Rebuild Both Front And Back You May Have A Oil Breakdown Or Some Broke Parts In The Front.

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