Clutch Help!!

iv resently put new clutch plates and springs in my o6 yz450f, because my old plates were slipping really bad, the plates and springs i put in were a barnet carbon fibre plates, i took it out for a ride and my clutch was even worse then before, i pulled it apart to have a better look at the prauser plate and its pretty scored, why is it still slippin? any advise would help it is driving me crazy, maby i put the plates in wrong or maby its time for new preasure plate and basket, let me know thanx

what oil are u using? also why did u get a carbon fiber clutch? u would have been better off using a stock replacement clutch. i know the kevlar clutches slip alot till they are warmed up and they also sludge up the oil when they start wearing.

you probably have to reset your free play at the cable, loosen (turn in) your cable adjuster at the lever, then, down at the arm going into the case, adjust the cable so you have 2-3mm free play at the lever - likely, slack was taken up over time as the old clutch plates wore (got thinner and thinner) and now, the clutch plates are thicker and require more cable to fully engage.

If the tension is right - the new plates and springs may be the culprit or even the basket. I prefer oem clutch parts or Hinson. The springs should always be oem

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