YZ450F 2003 Problems please help first bike

Hi all first off sorry for my bad grammar:) I brought a 2003 YZ450 i paid 4.6 for it i got ripped i think first bike for me ever only ever riden 250's/125's. Ok problem is i got it from shop yesterday i couldn;t start it properly not knowing the correct way to start the bike i still dont quite know:( i took it for a ride for half hour today i never noticed this at the shop but where the kick starter is behind that was all welded and dodgy up to sell it im guessing well i got half hour and made a funy noise so i stoped the bike imedietly and seen oil everywhere the weld they done had cracked and when i say cracked i mean CRACKED 6mm easy gap can c right through to the kick starter first of all i want to ask can a bike shop sell a bike like that and where do i stand and second is it a big job to replace that part im really new to bikes ima noob any help would be greatly appreciated.... sorry again for bad grammer ima painter not a lawer:) thanks thumperfolks

If you bought it from a shop, I would take that thing back as soon as possible.

Take it back immediately

I am sure everyone will disagree :thumbsup: with me but take it back immediately. for what you paid it should be perfect


thats BS if their tryin to sell you a piece of SHI* like that! :busted:

and hiding it too! :worthy:

tell them to take their @%&* back and you want your money back!!!

dont be shy about it!! :thumbsup:

they noticed you weren't super experienced, and tried to sell it to you without letting you know of a MAJOR problem!

Listen to these guys. Take it back and demand service or money back. Thats a bunch of crap what they are trying to get away with.

Hey again guys you were all right thanks very much i got my dad in there and he had to threaten him to get his money back but at least i got it so thanks very much for all your replies greatly appreciated

While you're at it - since you got your money back - you should be able to find either a newer bike private sale for the same money or an 03 for a lot less private.

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