White milky Oil : /

Guys I have two points of confusion to clear if any one knows. My oil in my gearbox on my WR450F is water mixed. Its milky it looks grey/cloudy! No doubt water leaking into the oil somewhere but the oil in the oil tank is perfect. Its as if it was still on the shelf, clear and golden brown and the visibility is nearly good for diving!!clearly the oil in the tank has never even entered the engine! Question1 Is this normal? I would emagine the oil in the oil tank is there for a reason : / and before I just rip into my engine to find the leak.Question2 Are there any common leak/ cross contamination points in these bikes to look at first. Ie should I be changing the water pump seal or any thing else before I rip off the head and create havock. All advice is appreciated cheers Gazza

If you have water in the oil it would be throughout the entire lubrication system not just in the engine. Most likely what you are seeing is air mixed with the oil making it look that way. :thumbsup:

I would say that your oil is not circulating to the oil tank for some reason . I've heard that there is a strainer in that system somewhere in the tank , maybe it's clogged . I can't be of much help on this one . My bike don't have that setup . If you have the book for the bike you may want to read thru the oiling section . If not you may want to try disconnecting the lines to the tank and see if you can blow air thru the tank lines to see if they are blocked. if not then try cranking the motor but not start it to see if you get oil out the pressure line.

The strainer is at the bottom of the tank at the hose connection, but have enever heard of this blocking up to that extent.

It could be that it's not circulating properly or an orifice internally is completely plugged - there's NO way the strainer would clog to such an extent - open your manual - there's an oil route diagram in there - trace it back from the frame tank, DON'T start it under any circumstances - you may not get oil delivery to any important places like the head.

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