08 to 09 wr 450

What are the changes from 2008 to 2009? I have rode my buddies 06 wr 450 and another's 05 yz 450 with a rekluse(needs electric start) and have decided that both of those bikes fit my riding style much better than my current bike. Thanks for any info!

Cosmetic changes only as far as I am aware. What is your current bike?


Be aware that the bikes went to aluminium frames after the ones you rode. It changed the characteristics of the handling but for the better in my opinion.

Seemed to make them feel lighter, maybe the centre of gravity was lower or something.

I sat on a 2009 Yamaha WR450F yesterday. The change from the 2008 model to the 2009 model is "Bold New Graphics" for a significantly increased price.

Cosmetic changes only as far as I am aware. What is your current bike?

08 300 xc-w, I have everything possible on the bike to try to make it work for me. 12 tooth front sprocket, Rekluse pro clutch, s-12 rear tire, steering stabailzer, I had Gary Borelli do the suspension, put on a Gnarly pipe. But when its sloppy out I have a heck of a time and when I get on my buddy's 4 stroke it rides like its on rails. So I figure the best thing for me to do is just get a new wr and be done with it. Don't get me wrong the ktm is a heck of a bike, it just doesn't fit my riding style very well. I am 315 lbs so that pry has something to do with it too. Thanks for all the information so far!

You'll definitley need suspension done on the WR too, at least springs, you probably already know that though. Figure about $400 in accecories to get the WR up to snuff also. Rad guards, silencer insert, jet kit, AIS block off kit should get you running good along with the free mods of course.

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