hey all ,,i just picked up my 99 wr400

what a beast!,,,is it just me or are they a bitch to start??,,,its ok when its warm but i'm dreading tommorow morning booting it from cold,,right i know this has been discussed lots before but can someone tell me what the best tire is for more on than off road ,,i am in the uk and until i get settled in my new area i'll be using it for a toy ie on road etc .does anyone have a recommendation??.,,,other than that i'm glad to be a proud owner of a blue beast,,,

you want a closed tread pattern for lots of roadwork. don't expect any grip down those green lanes though. someone's selling a pair of YZ wheels in the back of TBM for £300 this month.

you can do hundreds of miles on a front MX but you'll shoot the back in under 300 miles. so i'd consider buying a rear wheel only. you can also put a smaller rear sprocket on your road wheel which will gear it up for the open road's.


Qualcast - ummmm strange name !

I tried to e-mail you but without success - where abouts in the u.k are you ? I am in the midlands , and we have quite a few ride outs - normally every other weekend. If you are anywhere near us and fancy a ride you can e-mail me at abaker@ic24.net


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