2003 Wr450f - did i pay to much?

Just picked up a 2003 Wr450f yesterday for $2700. Bike has 660 orginal miles on it. I am the 3rd owner, the two previous were older guys and both of them just used it to putt around the woods. The plastics are a bit scratched and the right side radiator is bent. It was simply hosed off after each ride, lots of mud build up etc. Nothing major just cosmetics. The bike is sound and runs smooth, has orginal everything - tires chain/sprockets etc. Came with clean title. I just ordered the baja designs street legal kit for it and cant wait to get her on the road. I spent some time cleaning it up today and it came out pretty good, So does it sound like a good deal? i will be getting some pics up soon

I wouldn't worry about it mate! If you can afford it then it's worth it.

If it's in as good a condition as you say just ride it and enjoy it.

Nothing worse than be told you paid $xxx too much for it to bring you down.

Sounds like a decent deal to me...I just picked up an 04 WR450 in almost the exact same shape/deal as yours for 3000...an older guy just puttin around the woods with his kids on quads...everything is stock but in good shape...looks like he didn't really keep a strict maintanence schedule, right radiator was bent up from a fall and plastics a little scratched. I've been ripping it apart cleaning/lubing/replacing things that needed it. Seems like a lot of people are looking for a lot of money for these older bikes. Some guy wouldn't go lower then 3000 for an 03 WR250 so I figured 3000 for an 04 450 was decent. Good luck and enjoy your new bike.

yes thats a good deal i pain 3200 for my 03 wr450 that sat in a garge for years and only had 120mile on it. heres my steet legal. let me know if you need any

info with the kit or anything else if you do a supermoto conversion


Yea i deff want to do a supermoto conversion over winter. The Baja Designs kit is scheduled to be delivered the 15th, kinda wish it was here for the weekend tho. Easy to put on? I will be ordering all new plastics/graphics for it withen the next month or so. I am very anel about the condition of my bikes/cars. come spring time the bike will look new!!! Where did you get the rims/tires? i havn't relly had a chance to look around yett. how does it drive? I was ridn it around my neighborhood last night and a cop blocks me in from behind outa nowhere. nowhere to run either I got tickets for no insurance, no reg. not inspected, and driving outa class (only had my permit) bullshit i didn't even have the bike for a day! got my laywer to take care of it ~$500 set back blahhh anyway heres some pics of the beast





Previous bikes:

1998 xr 100

2003 ttr 225

2003 cr 85 expert

2001 yz250 (age 13)

2001 yz250f

2004 cr250 - man i miss that bike

2003 wr450f - present

dammn son that bike looks better than my 05

mine may be ugly but, she is well taken care of

Buyer's remorse is always a tough pill to swallow, but you did good on the buy. Sometimes the great deals come your way, sometimes not. Now all that's left to do is enjoy your new ride.

i paid 2500 for my 03 450 a couple of months ago. i want to make it street legal but cali is pretty strict. if anyone has any suggestions on how to do it i would appreciate it...

yea im happy with the bike so far, i havn't really had a chance to ride it - busy with school/work. I'm also having problems getting it on the road. Its from PA and im in NY. Orig owner never reg. it, and neither did the second owner. Title is in orig owners name, but second owner filled out the back of it :thumbsup: soooooo i need to figure something out. I fudged a few signatures to make it all legit as if everyone has signed it so im going to try a different DMV tomorrow and try my luck. Otherwise i have to contact the orig owner and have him order a new title - by that time there will be snow on the ground in upstate NY :worthy:

California laws - http://www.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15424

There is some useful info there, try a quick google search and you may come up with some other stuff.

i got my 17s off supermoto junkie classifieds. i recommend going a 4 and half in rear with a 150 tire. I have a 5in rear with a 160 an it rubs the chain bad. Its done now but you have to keep the chain tight.

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