Acerbis 6.6 on a '01 WR426???

Any ideas why this wouln't work? I've tried a seache a found just a bit of info but not a whole lot... Seems the really big tanks aren't that popular... I need the range though, and looking at the fiches of the frames 05-02 I don't see why it won't fit.... Any help out there?




I think I may have the answer. I recently picked up a 3.4 tank that was said to be made for Zip-Tye for the YZ400. So fart everything YZ that I bought fit the WR so far. Not so for the tank. The tank fits fine, but it covers both sides of the engine and block the chock knob. It's my guess that you can reach around on the ZY because it doesn't have the ACV that's on the WR.

May not be right, but something to look into.

P.S. If anyone is interested in a 3.4 tank that is supposed to fit a YZ400 and early(?) YZ426, let me know.

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