WR air box is side access...

Kinda cool...to bad the YZ isnt.

I was planning on buying the YZ but, I own a WR now;

YZ tank is only 1.8 gal

WR tank is better size, 2.6 gal

Looks like the WR and YZ are finally using the same seat.

WR air box side access


Personally I'd rather have lighter weight than E start but hey...

What cha think?

Mr Toyz

Strange that they use a different airbox for the two models. You'd think a top access airbox would be better for off-road because it seals against deep water better than side access would. I guess they have their reasons...

I will pass on the YZF and buy the WRF. Time to sell my KTM 520 and buy the WR450F. I have been wanting a Yamaha with the electric start. The electric start is worth its weight in gold!

My guess for the side access to the air box is because of where they placed the battery, most likely under the seat. :D

And to my eyes, the WR's seat looks shorter (doesn't ride quite as high up on the gas tank) than the YZ's. So the hard core riders will still want the YZ's seat/tank set up. :)

Mike, it will probably be at least ten pounds more than it was in '02. You will be lucky if the '03 WR weighs the same or less than the '02 WR, due to the estart and battery making up for any weight losses.

I agree with you Rich, I dont like the side access because of the leakage factor.

I have a friend that was at the release and he was told the 03 WR will weight the same a the 02 even with the e-start.

Mr Toyz

Hey Mud, Sweat, and Gears, those are some wicked mods you have done to that 250f :)

I wonder what the actual RTR, no gas weight difference will be between the WR and YZ?

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