WR/YZ Side By Side Comparison

Man, I really like that seat/tank combo now......

Anyone got on for sale..... :D:)

Dodger :D:D

The first thing I did was send an email to some riding buddies of mine with those two pictures because I am impressed with the tank/seat junction on the WR, it is ALMOST as flat as the YZ. It looks like a competitive bike out of the crate, no offense to the WR faithful, but I always thought the stock tank and seat was a bit goofy for a competition-oriented bike.

I don't think 2.6 gallons will cut it for me though, and I'm betting the older tanks won't fit, but I'm sure folks are already ramping up mold production for some larger off-road tanks.

Where is the E-START?

Now that would be really cool.. Push button start!

Looks like they got smart and made the same seat for both! Bout time...

It's hard to tell for sure but the shrouds and graphics look the same...NICE

Ok...wait a minute....look at the top front corner of the shrouds on both bikes the WR comes further foward...maybe they arent the same.

Mr Toyz

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Look at the top of the tank and the top of the rad shrouds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark

One thing I really like is that the tank itself has a smaller graphics area. Putting graphics on the tank makes them bubble up and have a short life, even with vent holes. The CRs and KXs, due to the perimeter frame, have no tank graphics and the graphics last much longer.

Hey, I know its petty but I hate it when your new bike looks beat after a couple rides.

Check 'em both out side by side:





I will take 1 of each!

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