WR450F.. Will my WR426f parts fit the new bike?

I'm not sure that this has been covered before but I don't remember seeing it. I'm expecting my new 450 (realistically) by the first of February and I'm curious to see which parts on my WR426 will fit the new 450. I'm mostly concerned with the tanks as I run all dry-break tanks on my 426. Also from what I've heard through the grapevine is that the top clamps will fit. Has anyone heard of what parts will be compatible?

Thanks, Dan

I was told my aluminum skid plate would not transfer to the new 450. Not sure how the dealer would know this (without having one to compare.)

Not sure how the dealer would know this (without having one to compare.)

Maybe he knows that it wont fit a new YZ and also knows the WR will have the same frame.


I think I remember reading in the yz forum that seat/tanks will not fit. I hope I'm wrong :)

Search the yz forum i.m sure this is discussed there.

The 426 and the 450 are very different bikes.

I read up on this.

The tanks and seat are different. Its lower and further from the headstay and the seat is not so wedgelike.

The airbox design is also diffrent.

So is the head pipe fitting to the block.

Most of the after market parts too will not fit the 450 if it was from the 400/426.

Thats where you can actually list on the for sale section of TT for us who are still using the 400/426.

We'll get good parts at a good price and you can save on getting new ones for your 450.


(Correct me if i am wrong in any of the thaings i have said)

Unfortunately no, I'm on the same problem and i'm affraid we'll have to get it all new. Skid plates and radiator guards are not yet in market. save money and try to get rid of all used stuff.

I'm in the market for a YZ style seat and tank combo

for my 99 WR. So if you guys have to buy new ones to fit your 450. Let me know what you want for your old ones.


If you guys out there waiting for your 450's and have a 400/426 lying round and waiting to be sold.

Take off your aftermarket goodies and sell them off.

Use the money to get stuff for your 450.

Its easy peasy.

List them on the sale section or let me know

My mail dirtdynamics@hotmail.com



Saw the 450 in a Australian Mag..

Sweet, so so so sweet.....

Those guys waiting for one are lucky sonofaguns!


Peace! :)

I am also looking for a YZ tank & seat for my WR426 and mabey afew extra parts along with it

Ernie :)

The requests just keep on coming don't they?

:):D :D :D :D :D

I see what you guys are saying about parting out the bike with the aftermarket parts but, I have a good feeling that who ever looks at my bike to buy will ask for the seat/tank combo cuz it's a very popular mod. I think I'll have more bargining power with the seat/tank on the bike when I sell it.

What about plastic?? Can I go out and buy YZ450f plastic for the WR450? My guess is that they are compatible. Any thoughts??


What about plastic?? Can I go out and buy YZ450f plastic for the WR450? My guess is that they are compatible. Any thoughts??

Since the WR subframe is Al my guess would be that the frame and subframe are the same from YZ to WR. The WR may have an extra tab for the coolant reservoir, and the frame an extra mount for the kickstand.

I don't see Yamaha going through the trouble of tooling for two different parts.

What I'm saying is my bet is that almost anything off a YZ 450 will bolt up to the WR and vice versa, just as in years past.

But that is just an educated guess.... :)

Hey Dan. Are you planning on putting the new WR on a diet? More to the point, are you going to leave the e-start and battery on??

Just curious if you have been thinking about how to eliminate that and then block/cover the resulting hole in the cases.

Also, as far as WR and YZ being based on the same bike, I have already heard that the cases are too small on the YZ to add a fifth gear. Well, since they had to make different cases for the WR to accomodate the e-start I guess that allowed them to make the YZ cases more compact since they were going to be a different part.

I'm getting off on a tangent here...

All I wanted to say was that one of the things I first noticed about the new YZ was that the clutch cable is routed to the clutch arm from underneath the carb, instead of next to the cylinder on the left side.

"Why did they do that?" I asked. My answer: "Left side routing would not clear the e-start on the WR." Just another indication to me that the WR and YZ are going to be as similar as possible to make the cost accountants happy.

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