GPS handlebar mounting?

My wife gave me a Garmin ETrex Legend GPS for Christmas. The main purpose for having this will be for off-road use. I would like to mount this to the handlebars on my WR and I would like to know what will work best. I suspect that vibration will be a big issue. Is there a good, vibration-isolated handlebar mount that people have used and would recommend? Would it be better to just get some sort of holder that could strap to the front of my chest protector for easy-access? Thanks!

try this

mounting bracket link

The batterys are also a problem. I guess that because of the vibrations the batteries get carbon scored and loose contact. They recomend a bit of dialectric grease on all battery contacts. Also to tape the battery's together to prevent them from loosing contact with each other. Ideally you should power it off the bikes stator if it has lighting output.

Check out that site. They have all kinds of info on running gps on a bike.

check this out also

battery fix link

Disreguard the tape fix. that is for batteries that touch end to end wich yours dosn't do I believe.

Thanks for the information guys. I really appreciate it.

Freestyle -- What mount are you using? Have you had any reliability issues with it?

try they are gps gurus. I have mount from them that is very strong and can be mounted in different positions. They will also give you the skinny on vibration, I believe they have a process to treat/harden the boards in the GPS unit, and can answer any questions you have about GPS.

i got my mount from its just a handlebar mount for Garmin rino seems pretty sturdy ive crashed pretty hard a couple time with it and have had a problems with gps or mount getting damaged.the only problem i had at first was GPS shutting off because of battery vibration but i solve that with velco[i put piece of velco on inside of battery cover and small stip of velcro on batteries.]i got a 12v to 3v cigarette adapter wire and just started working on wiring my GPS to a 12v battery[8 AA battery pack] im mounting in gps has 2 way radio which drains 3 AA batteries in about 8 hours so im hoping 12v batteries will last 2 or 3 days of riding im also setting it up so battery charger can be plugged in to charge battery pack with removing it from almost done i post a couple pics when im finished.

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