How much is my 2000 WR400F worth?

I currently have a 2000 WR400F with a Washington State license plate. I never ride on the street and want a bike that rides more like a MX bike. Bike is in great shape. Oil changed every couple rides. Air filter is cleaned after every ride since I purchased it. Any suggestions on how much I should sell it for?

$4200 if it's clean...

Bonzai :)

I was dreaming it was worth more since it has a license plate... If I could sell it for more I was hoping to get a new bike! Not sure I could convince the wife I need an upgrade yet unless I could sell it for around $4500 or so! Thanks for replying.

Washington license plates are difficult to get. You should start at $4650 and let someone talk you down. Make sure you have the mirrors on it. The weather is getting nice and it's prime season. Compared to a new bike the price will be good. You need to advertise quickly highlighting the license plate to take advantage before the new bike (2003) craze makes you lose more yet.


Yeah, sell it for 4,650 that would make me feel good. :D

I paid $4,995 for my 2000 new. (It has a WA plate on it).

With Washington State recinding the conversion process, I definetely think your bike has more value than the average WR.

Like James said, advertising will be the key to selling it for what you want. You just have to find the guy who is looking for what you have, and that may take some time. Even with the "03s"

on their way, your plate could be persuasive. Besides, they won't be here till Dec. and who wants to sit home on the couch while his buddies are out riding all summer?

Butt....... I did see an advertisement for a 99 WR with a WA plate for $3,600 the other day, but I don't know what kind of condition it was in. :D:) (sorry)

I just posted it on for $4700 to see if I get a response. If I don't sell that's fine, if I do then I need to find a new one right away. I am looking for a YZ426F for $4200-4500. Maybe I will get lucky. I know the plates are hard to come by so it has some value.

I totally agree with James and Firemnwhyt. The limited number of WR's out there that got licensed for Washington before the ban hit are going to retain good value just because they're street legal. I figure I'll have mine for at least 10 years because it would be difficult to replace it with anything better that is still licensed for WA.

This is all about the Washington license plate, a very clean bike, and prime season.

A ranger or sherrif will hassle riders on gravel roads here without the plate. More than once I've been told to "Load Em up, and park only at the trailhead" unless there is a plate on the bike. Many trails do not form loops here.

An average used '00 WR400 without a plate will only be worth about $3800 this winter.

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