'03 cam went up in price!!!!

They used to be $103... now they're $142.... whats going on here TT???? :thumbsup:

What's going on is that the retail price went to $178.

Man that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well get used to it....everything is going up.

You may want to change your Thread name :thumbsup:

still seeing them cheaper on the web - elsewhere.

still seeing them cheaper on the web - elsewhere.


look around all the online shops - I've seen it cheaper at several - just checked CPNation and they've jumped up about 20 bucks still under the TT price though at 140.00 - teamalpine is a couple bucks cheaper than that - Yamahagenuine parts is - get this - $236 canadian - haha

Just buy the Hot Cam's exhaust cam on Ebay and it's cheeper. Thats where I got mine.

I heard its best to run the hotcams in pairs though...

The stage 1 cam might be OK by itself. See if anyone who has tried it joins the thread.

My thinking lends me to believe that the hotcams could cause excessive wear on the valvetrain... i have no evidence to back this up, pure speculation.

It's possible. One of the features of a cam lobe is the "quieting ramp". That is the part of the lobe that delivers the initial few thousandths of lift at a slow rate in order to take up the clearance with the least amount of impact, accelerate the valve smoothly, and on the backside, reseat the valve gently but quickly. OEM cams have a considerable amount of effort put into this feature, since the manufacturer has a major stake in the durability of the complete machine. Some aftermarket cams shortcut the design of the ramp a little.

I do not have any information that confirms or disproves your suspicion with regard to the Hotcams products, however.

I have only the stage 1 exhaust cam in mine and like I said I love it. can't tell any difference on power but it starts so easy now on the first kick. I might do the intake cam later on though.

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