Hmm? why no weight on 03 WR?

I love my '98 WR400, but if I could get one free wish, I'd get rid of weight. Everything else can be made awesome. I bet the new WR with e-start is heavier than the old, that's why Yamaha isn't claiming anything yet. They don't want to scare anyone away. They really should make that e-start an option, or maybe the components can be removed to get the dry weight down in the 230's. I really don't have any issue starting my bike, and what little improvment the auto decompression would make would make me happy. Hate to have to by a YZ and add the lighting coil and WR tranny. Give me the weight savings, not a battery!

I think I found a new friend :)

Yamaha may still be working on the battery and starter details or something, and do not want to post a weight for the bike yet.

I'm sure that next year this board will be awash with posts on exactly how to get the WR down to YZ-like weight, I imagine battery and starter removal will be first on that list.

Has Yamaha posted the weight for the 01/02 250Fs yet? If they have then it was a heck of a long time after they had been out.

The electric starter, small sealed lead-acid battery, starter ring-gear clutch, and associated wiring probably weigh in at 15-18 pounds. That's about what the electric-start components from a DRZ400 or TTR250 weigh in at. Even with the weigh savings in the engine and frame on the 03' I find it hard to believe that it will be lighter than the previous WR250/400/426 models. I was looking over the photos of the 03' WR/YZF, I can't see any place they are placing the battery. Possibly in the air box, maybe a very small Ni-cad? The starter behind the cylinder on the 450 looks about the same size as the one used on the DRZ, on the 250 its in front of the cylinder and looks about the same size as a RC car motor.

On some of the Japanese domestic model Honda bikes and scooters they are using a integrated alternator stator/electric start. Its called a ACG generator/starter. It does not weigh any more than stock alternator/flywheel on a standard motorcycle. It uses an electronic controller that energizes the alternator field coils to turn the magnetic flywheel over to start the motor. It would be the ideal setup for e-start dirt-bikes, no extra piggyback starter motor, and associated starter gears and clutch. I am disappointed that Yamaha did not use this type of starter. Maybe Honda has a patent on it and plans on using it on there future motox/off-road bikes.

if they have shaved 10lbs off the yz450 over the previous yz426

then id guess the new wr450 wieghs somewhere between the current yz426 and the wr426

Actually guys I found from a site that the new YZ is 13 pounds lighter. So I imagine that the new WR is going to be at about the same weight as the YZ of '02. Lets wait and see... And about the YZ, is even lighter than CRF now :)

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I think Yamaha could have great success with a third model. The YZ timming, YZ exhaust w/spark arresstor (maybe a little quieter, but no stock WR), WR flywheel and lighting coil, WR seat/tank, WR tranny, kickstand, 18" wheel, no e-start, could go either way on lights. Why not? It would attract an audience I'm sure, and there's no new parts, just put the puzzle together a little differently.

Sounds like Tony wants to "build his own bike".

Don't expect Yamaha to be so precise. I personally love the idea of an electric start on the new WR450, and if it can weigh in significantly lighter than the DRZ, I'm in!


Tony has a good idea. Sort of a Yamaha 450 MXC.

Remeber this is no DRZ. The KTM SX has no electric start and the EXC does, the weight differance is only 10 pounds, and some of that is not associated with the E-start. The few that have bought the E-start kit and added it to the SX say its about 8 pounds only.

I have a 520 EXC and I will never buy another bike without the button. To many times I've stalled on a hill or really awkward spot, and hit the button without even putting a foot down. Some of these places would have been really tough to use the kickstarter.

I can't wait to try one out, who knows, next bike might be blue. It will be nice to find out what it really weighs. i hope they find a way to keep the battery low and not put it under the seat like KTM. It really sucks they wont be out till December.

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