Need Waterpump help, quick! Thanks

I just replaced the waterpump in my 07YZ450, Now that its together I noctice I can move the impeller 1/2 inch either direction before it drives. Is it lined up with the slot in my balencer?? I think it is, it does turn with the kickstarter but it just seems like its a little sloppy? Thanks

Normal. Odd, yes, but normal. If it weren't assembled correctly, you could not have gotten the cover to close up on the crankcase.

Great thanks. I should have checked the play before assembly, but I didn't think there would be any. What I did was ease the case up, turned the impeller until the shaft meshed in.

Heres the story if anyone wants to comment:

Did a few warm up laps and smelt coolant. It was dripping out the weep hole in the bottom of the water pump housing. I put 750mm of coolant in top up, and the leak appeared to stop.

Went for 3 more laps and blew the left radiator. Coolant everywere. So I replaced 2 seals, impeller shaft and bearing and bought a set of Fluidyne rads. I thought it was odd to blow the rad?

I thought it was odd to blow the rad?
What is the cap pressure?
What is the cap pressure?

Its stock. I have no way to check it, but I have replaced it incase theres something wrong with it.

02 - the shaft connects into the Balancer gear shaft, the rectangular receiver slot the shaft meshes into is a bit bigger - giving you a little play (looks like more play further out on the radius), also, the balancer gear has some play between it and the crank and the crank is always easy to move just a little bit in either direction because of it's size, all this is adding to the total play of the water pump.

It sounds to me like you had a weak spot in the rad somewhere that gave way before the cap did. Steam is powerful stuff - more powerful than hot liquid.

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