Purchasing a YZ 400 or 426..questions..

I rode my '03 4 speed in the desert all the time. I used to look for 5th gear a lot, but now that I have a 5 speed, I look for 6th, so.... :excuseme:

Have him change the gearing to 49/15 or 48/15. He'll need to do a little more clutch work, but it will be better overall.

He will be wanting a heavier flywheel, too. Get the 8 ounce from DRD.

Congrates on the find, sounds like a good deal. Update on my bike took it to the track and was amazing. Starting these older bikes is a piece of cake, real simple trick to it. Pull comp release kick to about 9 oclock then let it come up two clicks and kick it all the way through. I did it in flip flops at the end of the day to run the gas out of the carb.

I have a 98 yz 400 :banana:

I have yet to have a problem with it, other than normal maintainance, it runs great! :excuseme:

starts first kick everytime! :busted:

I would highly recommend the 400's or 426's :busted:

all the yz's (from what ive noticed) are VERY similar in design... AKA: bulletproof :lol:

Just make sure you get a bike that hasn't gotten the :excuseme: kicked out of it, and you'l be fine :busted:

Good Luck!!

I (started) it in flip flops at the end of the day to run the gas out of the carb.
You've never had one of these kick you back, have you? Boots are almost not enough.
You've never had one of these kick you back, have you? Boots are almost not enough.

I put holes in my a pair of sneakers or two and a pair of work boots when my 250F kicked me back a few times. Just the thought of starting in flip flops makes my arches hurt.

I kicked my ole 426 over barefoot one time... needless to say that it was a big mistake.

You've never had one of these kick you back, have you? Boots are almost not enough.

i did that once..in a pair of reeboks.... limped for about a week....

i have just got a yz 426 01 and it's a great bike had some problems but thats coz the guys doing the rebuild i think were a bit bodgy but riding it is a great experiance very good power and loves to go.

You've never had one of these kick you back, have you? Boots are almost not enough.

My bike has kicked back once or twice (my fault for not following procedure!) and I was only wearing hiking boots. I was limping for a day or two.:-o

Yeah I probably got lucky... started treating it like a two stroke. I have an old xr 500 that likes to kick back occasionally. THat will put your knee out place.

The old big British bikes, mostly 500's, but several 600's and some as large as 1000cc singles, kicked back, too, but it was much different. They had so much flywheel weight that the crank couldn't accelerate backwards very fast. They could produce a lot of force (we used to launch ourselves over the bars on a Norton 19S for fun), but if you just kept your knee bent, there was never any problem. But the modern bikes and some of the old big bore two strokes with fixed ignition timing are a different thing. The cranks are so light that the starter hits your foot like a bullet. My '03 got me one time and nearly ruined a desert trip in spite of wearing my proper boots.

The ones that kicked back are not the worst. That honor belongs to the Harley-Davidson Sportster. They used to get some wear on them and just as you came down on the starter, the ratchet would let go, and your knee would hyper-extend. Very bad.

I guess we are lucky (for starting bikes anyway) My brother and i are both 6'6" and 230+. To start it, i just pulled out the kick starter and kicked away (2 stroke style)...no attempt at finding TDC or anything..it fired right up!!

You must be lucky, I am 6 foot 2 and weigh 200lbs, and my kickstart on my 426 stops dead everytime I get to TDC, even jumping on it with my weight I cannot get it to turn over, have to use the decompression lever every time. With the correct technique I have never had a problem, but I do have to find TDC every time to start it.. The auto-decompress exhaust cam looks very tempting!!

i rotate kicker till its stops sollid and pull in the release and go about an inch past return to top and kick it and vula starts everytime hot or cold.. its all about finding a techniqe and perfecting it every bike is different....

I have a 2000 426 and I rode it for a while and passed it on to my son. Great bike with no probs.

I use the exact same starting technique that jmod suggested, works every time. I love the 426, fantastic bike and far more capable than I am!!! I hope your brother enjoys it.


I own an '01 YZ426F and I LOVE it. The manual decomp lever is a bit of a challenge for some people, but I have never had to kcik my bike more than a few times to get her going. Front suspension can be a bit of a problem if your bro's a big guy (had mine redone by Nicoll for $500) but other than that I can't complain. You could definitely find a better bike, if you spend more $$, but as long as he figures out the starting ritual he will love this bike. My buddy just bought an '07 CRF450R and I can hangwith him easily.

I've got the 02 426. I think some things changed in 02 like carb and some other things. I love mine. very easy to start if you know what you are doing. And man...if it only had wings.

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