1986 XR600R Rear Shock

On a recent ride, my stock shock on my 1986 XR600R died on me. Oil was leaking everywhere, but thankfully it was on the way back from the last ride. I am looking to see what a good shock would be to replace my stock shock. I am considering both after-market shocks as well as stock shocks from compatible bikes.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


1972 CL350

1986 XR600R

1988 NT650 Hawk

2002 919

You may have already considered this, but you might be better off sending the shock to a shop. I used Factory Connection for mine (2001 XR650L). They valved it perfectly for my weight, so for a price that might be even less than a new shock, you'll get a new one that's set up for you.

I have a couple brand new XR600 shocks and a couple that are very slightly used. They are for the newer model 600s (something like '91-'00) and I'm not exactly sure if they will fit an '86.

If you decide to get a new (or almost new) one then let me know.


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