07 YZ450F Sputtering

When I have the throttle held steady on my YZ450F it sputters. It accelerates and runs fine but its just when I'm holding it steady it sputters and I can feel the bike jerk. Its not severe but it has me concerned. I wanted to know if this is normal or is there something wrong?

Did you adjust the fuel screw? I'd start there.

If the sputter is still present after you get the idle mixture correctly set, try lifting the needle one position.

I adjusted the fuel screw and still have problems. My friend and I are going to adjust the needle. I have read that other people have had this problem. Has anyone found a definite solution?

definite solution = ZipTy carb mod

My 06 YZ 450 has always done the same. If she is not accelerating, she jerks the same way. I always just thought these bikes were made to constantly be on the power and are not happy putting around..!! Get on the gass and solve the problem !!

Will riding with the sputtering damage the bike?

I'm curious. Are you guys among those using fattened up jetting in order to get rid of every last trace of decel popping, or something?

I just bought my bike and it is all stock

I got rid of the sputter by getting rid of the too big pilot everyone was recommending. Went back to stock and dialed in the fuel screw and it pretty much went away.

I'm running 93 gasoline in my bike. I thought about using 94 to try to get rid of the sputtering. Would this work?


A change in fuel might do it, and it might happen that the higher octane fuel would be the one that would run better, it's just as likely that the lower octane fuel would. Octane relates ONLY to the anti-knock index, and to nothing else.

definite solution = ZipTy carb mod


My 07 450 has been sputtering also. As im going through the gears its just not the same it kicks and sputs as i twist the throddle its verry frustrating. my bike is all stock also.

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