imperfection in extended fuel screw

HI, I bought an extended fuel screw brand DICE and at side of the screw is

an round shape dot without no paint or polish(lets call it paint,meaning rest of the thing is red and this part u can see metal)

i went back to the shop to change it but guess what the remaining ones in the store had the same flaw...question is will a thing like that have any difference in the real world...i think not but cince carbs are sencitive eguipments ???.......the "dent" is at the upper part of the nail chape size of around 2 x1 mm...:thumbsup:

The part of the screw that does the metering is the tip. If the flaw is not within 5mm of the tip, it should be of no consequence. The tip, however, should look as much like the stock screw as possible.

The dot you speak it on the portion that protrudes at the bottom of the carb (once installed) where you would put your fingers to turn it? If so, it's a reference mark so you know how may turns you give it.

The mark is about 7mm down from the top end of the needle shape...

no the bottom part where u turn it has numbers so that way u know the amount of turns made....and this mark looks like u woul take an sharp kniwe

and scrape the surfage..and its way up so when u install the screw u wount

for shure see anything of it...havent had change to test it yet still waiting for my newer bike so then i will install it..

That won't interfere with the operation of it, if it's a scored in circle all around (like a groove), it might be for an o-ring that slips in there before install to helpkeep teh fuel screw in and not let it work it's way back out while riding.

No it isnt all around its an medium ackne sized dot...and it is not an symmetrical thing it is like it has got an hit on the side and loosed the paint and polish and u can see the core...but hey i found out when i try, and i can

bet 100 bucks that it doesent have any efect how so ewer....this thread got

to be a bit too much about an small mark...if i develop problems then its getting intresting but the time to put it in use just got delayed ....i heard to get my new bike after 4 weeks was ment to come this or next week...

thanks for intrest fellow riders...:thumbsup:

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