New Owner of 2008 WR450 in Tampa, FL- Need Local Help

I'm in Tampa, Florida and just purchased a new 2008 WR450 several weekends ago and am still in the process of getting her broken in. Bike is completely stock with NO mods done yet as I want to ride it that way until I'm ready to unleash her a bit. I can change the oil and air filter, but otherwise I am a mechanical novice not prepared to delve further into the inards of the bike. I've researched all the "free" mods and outstanding aftermarket advice from this forum, which I definitely plan to do once I ride it "choked up" for a while. I'm sure I can do some of the mods myself (grey wire, AIS removal), but the carb screws, jetting, and aftermarket stuff are way outside my league. Nothing too radical, but maybe the aftermarket AP to cure throttle, starting and some bog that I already notice. I'm looking for some local WR owners/Experts who have the expertise on this bike and who might be willing to assist me with some of the work it will need when I'm ready to get the bike running the way its capable of - uncorked. I'd prefer to stay away from the dealers as much as possible as every time I speak to a service department they scare me with how little they know about the bike.

Any advice or interest is appreciated. Best to reach me by

Hey cmorin-

Don't be afraid! We were all novices at one time. Read some threads about the carb, and read through that manual. In time, you'll have more confidence. Jetting isn't as hard as it may sound. Give it a shot, and I hope you can find someone local to give you a hand.

Have fun learning what you can do to make it run better. Your right about MOST dealers. They will screw you over any way but loose. Use the search feature on this site to find out about free mods and take it from there. The carb is hard to get to but don't be afraid to make changes. It takes time the first time but thereafter it'll be much easier.

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