IF I HAD...................

since theres no snow to go snowmobiling.. if i had my wr,

i could be lubing the linkage, and steering stem bearings,

putting on my new bars , and hand gaurds, changing the front tire..... ohhhhhhh sorry guys, just thinking out loud here. :)

I feel your pain

I'm right there with ya...but I think I'll go riding today!

XR, your dealer probably won't let you take delivery of that new 450 until you change your title here on TT. Even if they will that WR won't like you going by XR600. Kind of like the old girlfriend thing.

lol....i went into "edit profile" to change my name, but i cant see where it says to do it.

Helpppppppppppppppppppppppp. :)

Hey, Here I am SE Michigan, same problem as you now that I just finshed up getting a DRZ400e ready for the trails and made street legal. This will be my buddy bike. We have posted each other before, and like you I'm waiting for my WR450 with not a lot to do bikewise. Since we probably ride a lot of the same trails ( MANY of the trails in the upper lower peninsula ) I'm interested in what tire you are putting on the front of your 450. The stock tires for 03 are better I believe, but I know that a great front tire can make a huge difference. I can't say that I have ever had a great front tire, in any of the ones I've tried.

Since my ride in the air ambulance i've been itching to sort my bike new front rim /bars levers need healight surround the one that takes the dual sport kit ie steering lock version, oh and get this plaster removed, only another 5 weeks and the tendons might have sorted themselves without surgery

i'm going to try the dunlop 773, i've always used 752's,

just thought i'd try it , it's suppose to be a great soft terrain tire.. i hope. i'll probably run the stock rear till' it wears out.

I've always run 752/756s. Some friends have had good luck with Michelin S12s. Supposed to work everywhere. Plus, they seem to last forever. We'll see...

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