Hole in the airfilterguide


I wounder if it's only I who has or have this trouble.

I bought a WR450F -07 in januari, But yesterday I saw that my airfilterguide have a 7mm's round hole right thru it were you put the binder and from where the engine can suck dust and dirt right thrugh it. Probably so have I a filterguide from an YZf were you have a pinscrew to fasten the filterguide.I talk to my dealer and he told me that he had heard something about that fore about a year ago but he couldn't remember exactly.I thread and plug the hole with a M8 stoppscrew,But it feel's like all work whith cleaning and reoil the filter after almost every ride are done for nothing.

go to your dealer and smak em on the head and say thats a bad mr kitty

it was the wrong cage for your bike, have him order a new cage and claim it under warranty because there is a TSB on it, if he cant find it i will get you the number

Yeah, this was something that Yamaha screwed up on the early bikes and should have been fixed on all of them by now. If you've been riding it that way, there can be some concerns regarding the engine. There were similar threads on this a year back, the guy had to go to Yamaha directly. I would contact Yamaha in your country.

I fill it with "silicone".. and almost a year now... and still there.

never had problems...



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