Introduction and spring rate question

Hi all, I just picked up a 2003 yz450f after being off the dirt for about a year after the birth of our first child. I have a question about spring rates and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

My understanding is that the stock spring rates for the 03' are as follows:

.46kg/mm for the fork

52.0 N/mm for the rear shock

Approximately what weight rider are these ideal for? I am about 210-215 with gear and am assuming that these rates are probably for someone closer to 165-175.

Thanks in advance!

The stock rates are .46 and 5.3, and the bike was built for riders in the range of 180-200 (wearing gear). For your weight, you're better off at about .48/5.5

Great, thanks! :thumbsup:

You're welcome. Now, do something about that avatar. :thumbsup:


You're welcome. Now, do something about that avatar. :thumbsup:


LOL - I forgot about that. I was on a 450x and then a 650r before the little one came.... I started on a 1980 yz80 waaaaay back when if that helps :-)

what spring rate would work well for a rider that weighs 170lbs. I ride motocross beginner. thanks for info

If that's your weight in your street clothes, the stock springs are OK.

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