Need some opinions on my wr450f

I picked this bike up and love it. Its now a supermoto conversion with wheels, fron caliper, turn signals, ASI removed jetted. 44t rear sproket for smaller wheels, super moto fender. I spoke before about it not being able to hold its charge, and i determined that the factory stator is not strong enough. Can anoyone point me in the direction for an aftermarket one or how to modd the stock. Also I was going to go up 2teeth on the rear and possibly -1tooth on the front and add a full exhaust(unsure of brand) with a filter and rejetted. Is this worth doing? any other worthy modds. Also I find her to be a little bit boggy in 2nd gear in times, too rich?

Heres a pic of what I have so far.:

I still have a few unmodded parts on my wr . I did do the baja designs stator mod to mine , It's been that way for nearly 6000 miles now. right now I'm running 13/45 gearing on my sm it tops out right around 100 mph or so . I'm not sure what you are using your bike for so all your mods will really depend on that . I got a rd power bowl to fix the bog but really all you need is the o-ring mod and to swap the leak jet enough to get it right . I got tired of pulling the bike apart so I just got the adjustable jet and a zip tie air/fuel screw . now I only really play with the main jet now and then. You might want to get a steering damper too . head shake sucks at 100 . I did a tripple clamp to make it steer faster . I have a 20mm offset I saw a guy post about how great his 12 mm offset is. I have a fmf pipe on my bike but my rear tire hit it until I modded the pipe . I would say get a graves motosports pipe for your bike it will fit a supermoto'd right out of the box. also get one of their chain guide blocks for on your swingarm it will save you tires and chains.

i just changed my rear to a 44. I have the stator mod done to my 03 450 also. i have over 2000 miles now with no problems at all

Y ea that stator mod will have to be done for sure. What about valve adjustments? After how long should I get them checked. The dirt bike scene is all new to me, I usually lean over an inline 4 lol.

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